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I love my job as an escort because it is flexible, fun, and pays well. It also gives me a chance to meet and interact with many people from different parts of the world. My family and some of my friends ask me why I chose to be an escort, and my response is: “I chose it because I love it.” I love making people happy. Since I was a young girl, my classmates used to call me the charming girl because I used to make them happy. After completing college, I worked at a local company in Marylebone as an assistant accountant but resigned two months later. The reason why I quit is that I was not too fond of the job. It was too dull for me. I wanted a fun and flexible job, and that is precisely what I get from my job right now.

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Just recently, I met a client from Spain. The client had come to London for a one-week vacation, and since he was lonely, he decided to hire an escort, and I happened to be his ideal choice. The guy was tall and handsome. He had booked me for four hours, and we agreed to meet in his hotel room.

I am always committed to giving the best for my client, and he was no exception. The guy was soft-spoken and calm. I liked the fact he was polite, friendly, and cordial, which made my work easier. He welcomed me in his lavish hotel room with a fresh juice glass, and then we started having a conversation. We had a great talk because we had many things in common. He was also funny and charming, which are traits that I like in a man. I was eager to know why a handsome mid-age man like that will come on a vacation alone. At first, he did not want to talk about it, and his reply to me was, “it is complicated.”

As we continued talking with him, I noticed that he was depressed, but he tried so hard to hide it. But as he continued to get comfortable around me, he started opening up, and I felt sorry for him. The guy was lonely and felt rejected and betrayed by people that he trusted and valued the most. I have met clients who had personal issues, but this one touched me.

One thing that I am good at is turning sad moments into a happy moment. I encouraged and cheered him up, and I am glad that he felt better.

By the time we were done talking, my time with him was done, but I decided to extend for an hour (without additional cost) to make sure that he was okay. He was so impressed with me and decided to extend his stay with me for two days and even increased my rate. We had a great time together for the entire period I stayed with him. I gave him the love, care, and attention he was yearning for and am glad that he was filled with laughter and optimism by the time we parted ways. Being able to turn a sad moment into a happy moment are some of the things that make me pound as an escort.

Journal Entry From A London Escort

The life of London escorts is not that different from the life of anyone else. Escorting is simply the profession I have chosen. Many of the other ladies that work alongside me are just like regular people too. We do not look different. We do not act different. We just work a non-traditional job.

It is not just the nightlife that I live. A party full of busty girls is not the only events I attend. It is just not the secret rendezvous with clients that I experience. Working for an escort agency is not the only thing I do. I have a regular life too.

My mornings begin like most people. I have coffee and breakfast in the morning. I then shower. I do my hair and my makeup. I get dressed. I then make my way to the escort agency. Many people would be surprised to know that an escort agency is located here in central London. These agencies exist and there are more than one escort agency.

I meet with the client. We handle our affair. I receive pay. I go on about my day. Some days I meet with several clients. In the evenings, I visit family and friends. I cook myself dinner. Then there are the times I find myself at a party. My weekends are sometimes workdays. Sometimes I work with clients in the morning, afternoon and at night.

Much is known about London but the escorting world is still kept a secret. Most would be surprised to know the men who are clients. Some are well-known men of society, dignitaries, businessmen, men looking for an experience they receive nowhere else. Most would be surprised to know that a lot of the escorts have other jobs too, are mothers, are in school, have goals in life and are seeking an experience they fail to find in other forms of employment.

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